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Each request for access has to be supported by a short justification, with an academic institution/NHS email address provided for the applicant and his/her senior supervisor. Applications from outside these areas, e.g. from industry, have to include a more detailed justification as to why access is requested. The application will be considered by the Local Assessment Team. An applicant may be contacted for additional information. Once the request is approved, the applicant is sent by email a unique login to allow access to the searchable online database. Requests may forwarded to the South West Dementia Brain Bank Governance Committee for advice, and, if needed, to the MRC Brain Banks Steering Committee if a decision cannot be made locally or if an applicant appeals against a rejected application.
Reasons for refusing access include but are not limited to the following:
  • The applicant is not a bona fide researcher.
  • There is a lack of availability of data/samples relevant to the application.
  • The proposed work, in the view of the Local Assessment Team and South West Dementia Brain Bank Governance Committee, risks bringing the UK Brain Bank Network into disrepute.
  • The proposed work risks the disclosure of identifiable information relating to any individual donor.
  • The proposed work is outside the scope of the ethical approval, or the funders’ terms, or University of Bristol’s policies and procedures for use of the database.
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